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At the Energy Technological Institute (ITE) we have the objective of facilitating companies and society in the process of sustainable and efficient energy transition.
Sustainable mobility and automotive

Sustainable mobility and automotive

Moving towards green mobility

The transition from the combustion engine to more environmentally friendly models is the key to achieving decarbonization. At ITE, we have been working for 30 years on research into the electrification of automobiles, a field in which the batteries of electric vehicles, their second life and the recharging infrastructure are of particular relevance.

The awareness of connectivity and sustainability to reduce atmospheric emissions is the basis on which ITE operates, thus witnessing a new green and ecological mentality in which the mobility sector changes its roadmap.

For a sustainable future

Our goal is to contribute to a viable and efficient recharging network for automobiles, as well as to develop a more sustainable vehicle structure in order to dispense with combustion engines.

At ITE, we provide cutting-edge technologies that are essential for the development of electric vehicles in perfect conditions of use.

Strategic lines

Sustainable Mobility
Sustainability and decarbonization
Networks of the future
H2 Renewable
Energy communities

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