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Desde el Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía (ITE) tenemos el objetivo de facilitar a las empresas y la sociedad el proceso de transición energética sostenible y eficiente.


ITE is a reference centre in batteries and energy storage at national and international level, with infrastructures and technology on batteries unique in the Valencian Community and, in addition, it is a CERVERA centre of excellence. Given its extensive experience in this field, we offer companies in the sector different services and technological capabilities that cover the entire value chain of batteries:

  • Material Development and Characterization
  • Development and characterization of components
  • Integration of components in pouch cells
  • Digital twin and battery modeling
  • Testing and quality: cell, module and pack
  • Applications and second life
  • Recycled
  • Environmental impact analysis and eco-design

Manufacturers and agents related to batteries have in ITE a great ally to advise them and help them to develop projects based on this field, with the aim that the business fabric gains in competitiveness and can be up to date in a battery sector.

Battery line services:

  • Characterization of battery materials (active and inactive)
  • Validation of cell components
  • Consulting on aspects related to prospects throughout the battery value chain
  • Cell, module and pack testing, under regulations

The ITE has the following laboratories: Synthesis of materials, characterization of materials, pilot cell assembly plant, testing, GAMMA laboratory and pyrolysis plant.

ITE is present in different technological platforms and European and national associations such as the EBA, BAT4EU, EMIRI, BatteryPlat, among others.

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