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At the Energy Technological Institute (ITE) we have the objective of facilitating companies and society in the process of sustainable and efficient energy transition.
Energy storage and batteries

Energy storage and batteries

One of the key tools

The development of technologies that enable energy storage brings flexibility to the energy system and stability to the grid. The aim is to analyse the present and future challenges facing society, in order to move towards an energy transition where it can be supplied on a large scale, while respecting the environment.

ITE continues its research on energy storage systems in order to contribute to the management of electricity grids and the electrification of the mobility sector or the development of self-consumption, facilitating companies the path towards the change of energy model.

High-capacity systems

Investment in the deployment of storage not only benefits the optimization of environmentally optimal renewable resources, but also provides the opportunity for new jobs, energy transition, economic recovery and the creation of new business models. Our facilities are equipped with high-capacity systems for energy testing and analysis prior to commissioning.

Investing in a sustainable future and in innovation are part of ITE’s identity, as well as betting on technological acceleration to create clean energy communities, which promote the active role of consumers.

Strategic lines

Sustainable Mobility
Sustainability and decarbonization
Networks of the future
H2 Renewable
Energy communities

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