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At the Energy Technological Institute (ITE) we have the objective of facilitating companies and society in the process of sustainable and efficient energy transition.
Sustainable Habitat and Smartcities

Sustainable Habitat and Smartcities

ICTs as improvements to quality of life

New technologies are one of the foundations for achieving a sustainable, decarbonized, resource-efficient and competitive economy. This is how the projects and implementation of the so-called Smartcities have been developed.

A smart and sustainable habitat is a novel environment that uses information and communication technologies to improve people's quality of life.

Innovative and disruptive solutions

Continuous and exponential population growth coupled with the climate crisis pose new challenges that require new solutions related to society, economy, technology, sustainability and public safety. To this end, ITE establishes analyses based on environmental quality, waste sensors, surveillance cameras and intelligent luminaires, among others.

Some of the characteristics of Smartcities that establish the sustainable future are:

  • Efficient electric mobility
  • Permanent and immediate interconnectivity
  • Use of clean energy and use of natural resources
  • Automated security platforms
  • Development of complete infrastructures
  • Competitive environments that improve socioeconomics

Strategic lines

Sustainable Mobility
Sustainability and decarbonization
Networks of the future
H2 Renewable
Energy communities

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