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At the Energy Technological Institute (ITE) we have the objective of facilitating companies and society in the process of sustainable and efficient energy transition.
Chemistry and materials

Chemistry and materials

R+D+I as one of the core pillars

The professionals that make up ITE are highly qualified in areas related to power generation systems and fuels, energy storage and the environment.

We accompany companies in the work of carrying out environmental studies, as well as guidance on ecological designs, advice on legal standards and European regulations, in addition to consultations related to biomass energy or preventive and predictive maintenance of dielectric insulating oils, among others.

We guide companies from our experience and knowledge

For this, the following lines of R+D+I applied to this sector are:

  • Systems and fuels for power generation
    • Synthesis and characterization of polymer membranes for PEMFC and DMFC fuel cells
    • PEM type electrolyser
    • PEM fuel cell
    • Synthesis and characterization of electro-catalysts
  • Energy storage system
    • Lithium Supercapacitors and Batteries
  • Environment
    • Study on alternative insulating gases to greenhouse gases

Our goal is to help companies facilitating the imminent path towards the change of energy model, and getting involved in the decarbonization of the current system.

Strategic lines

Sustainable Mobility
Sustainability and decarbonization
Networks of the future
H2 Renewable
Energy communities

related laboratories

Energy Storage
The battery testing laboratory is focused on the testing of lithium batteries from cell to pack level.
Materials play a major role in the final properties of devices.
Materials play a major role in the final properties of devices.

Pilots plants

Thanks to the use of this pilot plant, companies will be able to promote the circular economy by producing activated carbon from waste...
The H2 pilot plant has been developed in order to offer companies an innovative technological ecosystem where equipment and components...

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