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Pilot plants

At ITE, we continue to advance in our goal of being a benchmark in the application of cutting-edge technologies. Learn about our pilot plants and how they can help you develop your business project.

Battery pilot plant

Pilot planBattery


The battery pilot plant focuses its capacities on the collection, storage and accumulation of renewable energy to provide various industries with the possibility of optimizing their internal production processes. In this way, it is possible to integrate efficiency and an increase in terms of profitability.

Comprehensive energy storage service

The extensive professional and scientific experience of the Technological Institute of Energy provides companies from various sectors with services related to:

  • Material Development and Characterization
  • Development and characterization of components
  • Integration of components in pouch cells
  • Digital twin and battery modeling
  • Testing and quality: cell, module and pac
  • Applications and second life
  • Recycled
  • Environmental impact analysis and eco-design

To carry it out, ITE has the laboratories which carry out: Synthesis of materials, characterization of materials, pilot cell assembly plant, testing, GAMMA laboratory and pyrolysis plant.

We focus on ensuring that both manufacturers and actors related to batteries develop projects in this area and achieve their commercial and environmental objectives.


Para llevarlo a cabo, ITE dispone de los laboratorios de: Síntesis de materiales, caracterización de materiales, planta piloto de ensamblaje de celdas, laboratorio de testeo, laboratorio GAMMA y planta de pirólisis.

Nos enfocamos en que, tanto fabricantes como agentes relacionados con baterías, desarrollen proyectos de este ámbito y alcancen sus objetivos comerciales y medioambientales.