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Pilot plants

At ITE, we continue to advance in our goal of being a benchmark in the application of cutting-edge technologies. Learn about our pilot plants and how they can help you develop your business project.



The Calibration Laboratory has the technical, material and human capacity to ensure that the measuring instruments used for testing and supervision of electrical measurements and installations comply with the required specifications.

Ensuring the safety of the equipment is our main objective. For this purpose, we analyse the possible wear and tear that may deteriorate the equipment, such as: use, transport, the passage of time, changes in temperature or even mechanical stress, which gradually deteriorate the functions of the instruments. As a solution, periodic calibrations are performed to maintain the traceability and reliability of the measurements made with them. All this is carried out in a laboratory that is noteworthy for its technological excellence.

This laboratory is accredited by the National Accreditation Entity (ENAC), in the area of DC and Low Frequency Electricity and in the areas of Power and Electrical Energy, which allows it to carry out a wide variety of calibrations of electrical instrumentation equipment:

  • Multimeters and amperometric clamps
  • Insulation resistance meters
  • Ground resistance meters
  • Testers for low voltage installations
  • Differential testers
  • Wattmeters
  • Watimetric clamps and network analysers
  • Active and reactive electricity meters
  • Dielectric strength testers or digital and analog oscilloscopes

In addition, every authorized installer must carry out a series of verifications on electrical installations using technical means. The authorized installer must guarantee, at all times, the state of operation and calibration of the electrical equipment available to him.

List of laboratories

Modern societies face the challenge of achieving sustainable energy development.
Climate and environment
Environmental tests are used to verify and analyse the behavior of equipment, devices and/or materials...
Climate and environment
In this laboratory, measurements and simulations of electromagnetic fields produced by electrical...
The ITE High Voltage Laboratory has exceptional facilities for testing equipment linked to ITE R+D+I in areas of very high voltage and high current, impulsive.
Legislation requires that all instruments, devices and measurement systems pass State Metrological Control.
Energy Storage
The battery testing laboratory is focused on the testing of lithium batteries from cell to pack level.