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From the Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía (ITE) we have the objective of facilitating the process of sustainable and efficient energy transition to companies and society.



Integration and manufacturing of a prototype hyperloop propulsion system using a turbojet and an electric vehicle powertrain


HL-POWERTRAIN is an innovative technology development project aimed at implementing a functional prototype and a digital twin of the hyperloop propulsion system using a turbojet and an electric vehicle powertrain for validation.


  • Electric turbojet design. 
  • Structural design capable of minimizing deformations at high frequencies. 
  • Design of the electronic system hardware and software architecture of a battery management and control system to ensure the functionality and safety of the power system. 
  • Development and implementation of prototype power and energy management system – Development and implementation of prototype grid integration system and fast recharge technology study. 
  • Development and implementation of a prototype of a high-performance, low-weight composite structure. 
  • Development and integration of the complete prototype for its validation in the laboratory and adaptation of the digital twin to achieve its faithful reproduction. 
  • Theoretical and experimental modeling based on a digital twin of the system to analyse the aerodynamic, thermal, electrical and structural behaviors of the electrical turbojet, through which virtual experiments can be performed. 


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  • Mechanical, electrical and electronic integration of the propulsion system (ITE participates) 
  • Creation of a digital twin of the propulsion system (ITE participates) 
  • Creation of a structural design for turbomachine support 
  • Construction of a composite structure for a hyperloop vehicle 
  • Characterization of the turbomachine to be used in scale tests 
  • Development of a BMS system for powertrain battery pack management (Lidera ITE) 
  • Development of an EMS system for energy management and network integration of the battery pack (ITE participates) 

2021 Results 

  • Specification for slave BMS hardware and firmware design 
  • Slave BMS hardware design 
  • Slave BMS firmware design 

2022 Results 

  • Slave BMS hardware design (continued) 
  • Slave BMS firmware design (continued) 
  • Specification for hardware and firmware design of BMS masters 
  • BMS master hardware design 
  • BMS master firmware design 
  • CANopen communication user manual 
  • Joint system user manual (BMS Slave + BMS Master) 
  • Joint system validation report in laboratory 

2023 Results 

  • Prototyping and redesign of BMS plates based on identified needs. 
  • Experimental validation of the HW/FW and integration of the Master BMS with 5 Slave BMS assembled on battery packs. 
  • CANOpen communications validation, alarm management system, status estimators and designed balancing logic (integration in the digital twin). 
  • Three-dimensional simulation environment that allows predicting behaviour under loads, discharges and usage profiles. Detailed modeling of the battery pack behaviour, based on measurements of electrical and thermal parameters (environmental and vacuum conditions close to those expected in this application). 
  • Validation of the battery twin through battery pack testing, with recording of electrical and thermal variables. 






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