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Desde el Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía (ITE) tenemos el objetivo de facilitar a las empresas y la sociedad el proceso de transición energética sostenible y eficiente.


At ITE we are a global reference in biotechnology, developing biosensors that can be self-powered energetically for the monitoring of physiological, environmental or industrial processes.

Thanks to this innovative technology, we are able to provide users with the possibility of decentralized monitoring of energy use in a clean and efficient way. To this end, we facilitate the control of critical parameters in the production chain or in the physiological process, as well as the saving of fixed and variable costs and/or improvement of the user’s quality of life.

Our broad professional experience supports us as specialists in managing business projects related to health, sports medicine, medical devices, wearable sensors, agriculture and environmental monitoring. All of this focused on the advancement of materials with electrical and/or biocompatible properties for the design of electrodes, enzymatic biopiles and biosensors.

In this sense, our capabilities lie in developing, characterizing and applying different chemical and biological modifications on electrodes in order to provide an electrical signal to achieve selective measurements in the clinical, environmental, agri-food and personal monitoring in sectors such as sports.

In addition, we apply this same technology to the development of enzymatic biobatteries for the generation of clean energy for low consumption devices with the ultimate goal of creating energy self-powered wearable devices.

To this end, we offer support in all matters relating to conductive materials for:

  • Design and manufacture of electrodes by injection technique, screen printing, etc.
  • Physico-chemical, electrical and electrochemical characterization of materials.
  • Chemical-biological modification of surfaces.
  • Determination of analytical properties in electrochemical
  • Development of cooperative projects in R+D+I.
  • Advice on sensor development projects.

Our value proposition in this line resides in the development of state-of-the-art sensors and the elaboration of energy harvesting strategies, in order to boost the competitiveness of companies and optimize environmental processes.

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