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Desde el Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía (ITE) tenemos el objetivo de facilitar a las empresas y la sociedad el proceso de transición energética sostenible y eficiente.
H2 Renewable

H2 Renewable

Green hydrogen is produced entirely using renewable energy, so it does not generate emissions that pollute the atmosphere.

In this area, ITE’s capabilities are classified as:

  • Customized test benches to test the performance and activity of components using hydrogen gas.
  • Simulation studies of the behaviour of a fuel cell to analyse the different phenomena that condition its operation.
  • Development of MEAs where components are integrated, assembly conditions are optimized and catalytic membrane coatings are developed

To carry it out, ITE has high capacity infrastructures and laboratories, where the synthesis of materials, modeling/simulation of prototypes and characterization of fuel cell materials/components are carried out.

The extensive experience of ITE in the sector, makes this Institution a great ally in terms of:

  • The development and testing of hydrogen technology and fuel cell and electrolyzer components.
  • Optimization and control in laboratories/pilot plants, as well as prototyping, life cycle analysis and advanced modeling using the latest software programs.
  • Material tracking, project management and energy storage optimization.

Therefore, ITE’s specialized H2 service offers companies a technological opportunity to test equipment and components, and thus develop R+D+I projects related to hydrogen and energy storage technologies.

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