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    Description GAMMA is a demonstration project of energy digitisation whose purpose is to make the most of companies energy communities, or district own energy resources, reduce the cost of energy consumed by the general network, reduce costs due to energy inefficiencies (reducing detection and action time), while having a better control of the energy cost […]

  • WiseGRID

    Description: The project WiseGRID expects to market a series of technological services and solutions to improve intelligence, stability and security in the Europen energy grid, which aims at being more open and focused on the final user. The project mixes the advanced use of storage technologies, the increse of distributed energy resources and the integration of charging stations for electric […]


    Description The research project Bio-monitoring proposes the development of an enzymatic glucose biobattery prototype conceived to supply power to clinical monitoring and control devices. The proposed solution is the supply of these monitoring devises by a small biobattery placed in the patient’s body. Aims This year, the aim of the project is the technical preparation and the coordination of […]


    Description The project MAIGE is framed within a mid-term strategy aimed at developing advanced monitoring systems for gas and electricity distribution facilities. This strategy aims, in the medium term, at having the knowledge, tools and equipment for the efficient and optimized management of the gas and electricity distribution assets, including new functionalities, increasing security and […]


    Description This project provides a solution which includes both hardware and software for the management, monitoring, energy control and metering of community installations of air-conditioning systems and hot water, adapting it in a personalized and user-friendly way to the needs of each user of the service: final user, maintenance/management service of the installation and owner. Aims The main aim of […]

  • Bio2

    Description The project Bio2 is an opportunity to develop and optimize a biobattery for different applications on human beings. It is a high-efficiency system, which meets the needs of current society to power electric devices such as pacemakers or insulin pumps, thus improving the quality of life. The project has been funded by the Programme Torres […]

  • Emobility

    Description: This project aims at developing an energy management and monitoring system (SGM) that enables the control of both storage systems, through a local controller of energy storage units (CL-DES), and charging stations for electric vehicles (Tri-ERR), within an industrial environment. This management system will take into account the integration of alternative energy generation systems, consumption planning according […]

  • Development of new materials for High Voltage applications

    Description: This Project aims at providing means to the Institute in order to strengthen the research line on new materials and electrical capital goods, as well as issues related to the management of facilities, such as the detection of faults in cables through partial discharges. Aims: The aim is to provide equipment to strengthen the research […]


    Description: The project “Cool Routing” proposes the improvement of refrigerated cargo transport using electric vehicles. The combination of refrigerated cargo and electric vehicle presents an additional difficulty for the planning of routes, since it is necessary to take into account more external factors. The solution proposed ranges from the adaptation/sensorization of an electric vehicle with […]


    Description: Development of a low power and high pressure PEM electrolyzer for the generation of high-purity hydrogen, with the aim of integrating it in a «Smart Grid» together with renewable energies, in order to absorb the surplus production and to make possible the generation of energy at times of high demand and low production. Aims: The […]

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