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High Voltage

ITE’s High Voltage Laboratoy has special installations, the only ones at national level, considering that the area temperature can be presetted and controlled. This way, it is possible to ensure environmental condition stability during the testing and the realization of R+D+I projects.


  • High voltage dielectric testing (DC, AC, lightning and switching)
    • DC up to 120 kV
    • AC up to 300 kV
    • Lightning impulse 1200 kV
    • Switching impulse up to 900 kV
  • Current impulse testing (8/20 µs y 10/350 µs)
    • 8/20 µs up to 65 kA
    • 10/350 µs up to 100 kA
  • Warming testing
    • AC current up to 500 A
  • Conditioning/aging testing
    • Climatic chambers
    • Salt spray
    • Sulfurous humid atmosphere


  • Development and testing of new materials
    • Polymers
    • Nano-dielectrical
  • Design and development of capital goods
  • Certification of products: médium/high voltage electric equipment
  • Fault diagnosis and technical examination
  • Electrical PPE testing
  • Technician qualification for PD measurement


  • Electrical capital goods manufacturers
  • Electricity companies (TSO and DSO)
  • Insulating material suppliers
  • Electrical installation engineer

Partial discharges


  • High voltage equipment measurement (HVAC up to 300 kV)
  • Fault location of cables
  • Analysis of waveform in PD
  • Measurement in cables up to 36 kV (Resonant system for capacitive loads)
  • Dielectrical strengh testing in high voltage cables
    • AC, DC
    • Lightning (1,2/50 µs), switching (250/2500 µs)
  • Insulation resistance measurement
  • Semiconductor resistivity
  • Aging of cables
  • Technical examination and analysis of fault/breakdown

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