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High Energy

With the aim of improving job security of people working in the electricity sector, the Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía (ITE) and the Instituto Tecnológico del Textil (Aitex) started a collaboration in 2010 that resulted in an Electric Arc and Plasma Laboratory that, in a few months functioning, became a worldwide reference point.

The Electric Arc and Plasma Laboratory, where both materials and protective clothing are tested, has two twin rooms in order to generate electric arcs up to 1.5 seconds and then accelerate the testing processes.

Moreover, in this building there is another room where materials are prepared to recreate the conditions of a real work environment, such as pre-washing, that could affect their properties.

Electric Arc and Plasma Laboratory capacities

  • Electrical characteristics
    • Permanent maximum power: 20MVA
    • Maximum single-phase current: 8kA (@3kV)
    • Point-on-wave switch control
  • Distribution
    • Two independent testing rooms
    • Access control and safety: interlock, motion sensors, protective dull shutters
  • Measurement
    • High speed video
    • Electrical V and I measurement
    • Temperature and incident energy measurement
    • Environmental conditions (T, P and RH)


R+D+I and testing

Arc testing

  • According to regulation (IEC 61482-1-1, ASTM F1959)
  • R+D
  • New materials for the improvement of PPE thermal protection

Smart PPE design and testing

  • EMC testing with real electrical arcs on electric circuits embedded in smart PPE
  • R+D: New shielding tendencies and materials

Electrical equipment for Smart Grids

  • EMC testing with real electrical arcs on electrical equipment for Smart Grids operation and control

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