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The internal structure has a functional nature based on R+D+I areas, laboratories, services and training supported by the departments of horizontal internal services, and it guarantees the achievement of the proposed aims. All activity is directed and coordinated by the technical-scientific management of infrastructure and services, of internal processes and of institutional and business relationships.


Laboratories and Services

ITE’s laboratories develop a constant technological work to support the product of the companies linked with sectors we are interested in. Speed and reliability in testing and calibration is one of the fundamental aims that makes us receive the certification from ENAC (Entidad Nacional de Acreditación) for some of our laboratories.

Since 2002 ITE follows a Certification and Accreditation Policy of its laboratories, since they have both national and international recognition, with the objective of offering companies the highest safety and reliability guarantee, by advising, performing tests and calibrations and issuing reports and certificates.


  • Electrical safety
  • Calibration
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • High voltage
  • Legal metrology
  • Electromagnetic field measuring
  • Electric circuit prototyping
  • Environment. Acoustics

Based on technological infrastructures and professional personnel experience, ITE provide a wide range of services in many areas such as Quality, Environment, Energy, Electronics, Automation, Materials, CE marking products and processes, R+D+I management. Together with clean technology services packages, automation and capital goods lent to companies.


R+D+I activity is one of the main bases of ITE. Year after year the Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía increases the number of interventions. In order to support companies, by developing innovation projects that match the clients’ needs, providing technology solutions and so on, the institute is formed by these áreas:

  • Renewable energy. Dispersed Generation
  • Energy management. Control, savings and efficiency in energy infrastructure
  • Hydrogen economy
  • New concepts about electrical networks: Active Distribution
  • Capital goods and automation
  • Environment
  • Electro- technical and electronic equipment and materials
  • Power electronics and instrumentation
  • Communications Technology

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