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From the Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía (ITE) we have the objective of facilitating the process of sustainable and efficient energy transition to companies and society.


Reconditioning of lithium batteries from the field of mobility based on advanced diagnostics


The momentum of the battery sector brings with it an increase in the number of batteries removed from use, either due to end-of-life or failure. This project tries to provide technological solutions to the problem detected in the industry of the increase of batteries treated as waste when they still offer capacities for their use, the low profitability of recycling due to the current work volumes, and the need for specialization and automation of the industry in this field.

In the EÓN project, the reconditioning of batteries is proposed as an option to extend the useful life for which they were initially designed and to seek their sustainability. To this end, one of the necessary steps for reconditioning is the diagnosis of the battery. Knowing their condition allows to establish the repair or replacement strategy of their components. For this reason, EON establishes the necessary disassembly system, considering the risks involved in handling the batteries and their possible failure modes. 

The application of scientific knowledge to industry, preventing the future problem of waste derived from electric mobility, promotes the increase of business competitiveness through the differentiation of innovative products and services. The sectors that can benefit from this project range from the manufacture of batteries and products that include batteries, to those dedicated to the revaluation of batteries. Similarly, companies associated with the battery sector, such as those involved in process automation, battery handling and repair or reconditioning, will benefit from the knowledge generated in the EÓN project.  


The project aims to improve the reconditioning of lithium batteries from the mobility sector based on advanced diagnostics. To this end, calculation tools and measurement procedures will be developed for the diagnosis considering their potential for extrapolation to a real working environment, and the reconditioning process, validating both stages experimentally by means of a laboratory proof of concept.


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The results of the project are as follows: 

  1. Diagnostic system for reconditioning. This diagnostic system responds to an already current need to know the state of mobility batteries, so that companies can define their management in safety and reintroduce them on the market with guaranteed operation. 
  2. Battery reconditioning strategy. Handling and reconditioning strategies are a necessity for companies for the correct management of batteries, as the volume of batteries coming from mobility is growing rapidly and an adaptation of work systems to this new technology is required. 
  3. Technological demonstrator of reconditioning systems. For this purpose, it will be implemented on a reconditioning bench to validate the results on a battery from the mobility field. 
  4. Determination of critical variables for diagnosis. 
  5. Recommendations for designing battery components to facilitate reconditioning. The objective is to define design criteria that facilitate the subsequent handling and reconditioning of the battery, which can be integrated in the previous stages of the value chain. 


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