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Pilot plants

At ITE, we continue to advance in our goal of being a benchmark in the application of cutting-edge technologies. Learn about our pilot plants and how they can help you develop your business project.
Modeling – Simulation

LaboratoryModeling – Simulation


Companies can make use of a laboratory which pursues the development of intelligent capital goods for multiple industrial sectors. This is combined with a high competitive technological level that comes from being able to carry out performance and technical-economic feasibility studies of their systems before bringing them to the market.

Thus energy consumption and carbon footprint are reduced thanks to intelligent and sustainable use that focuses on providing better technology and services. This entails the possibility of efficient and intelligent use of energy and, consequently, an increase in cost reduction.

Companies that can benefit from testing are:

  • Manufacturers of industrial electrical and electronic equipment
  • Energy Management Companies
  • Energy-intensive companies in the industrial sector
  • Cooperatives/Energy Communities
  • Electrical Distribution Companies
  • Industrial maintenance companies and maintenance of energy installations

Our goal is to provide companies with a demo environment, in which they can test their equipment in high-fidelity scenarios, including tools such as hardware in the loop, in order to bring the concept to market in a fast, safe and less costly way.

List of laboratories

Modern societies face the challenge of achieving sustainable energy development.
Climate and environment
Environmental tests are used to verify and analyse the behavior of equipment, devices and/or materials...
Climate and environment
In this laboratory, measurements and simulations of electromagnetic fields produced by electrical...
The Calibration Laboratory has the technical, material and human capacity to ensure that the measuring instruments used for testing and supervision...
The ITE High Voltage Laboratory has exceptional facilities for testing equipment linked to ITE R+D+I in areas of very high voltage and high current, impulsive.
Legislation requires that all instruments, devices and measurement systems pass State Metrological Control.