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Pilot plants

At ITE, we continue to advance in our goal of being a benchmark in the application of cutting-edge technologies. Learn about our pilot plants and how they can help you develop your business project.
High Energy

LaboratoryHigh Energy

Alta Energía

As a result of the advance of technology in all branches of production, particularly in the textile industry, it is essential to check the quality of materials to ensure greater efficiency and control of the final product for the various sectors.

The High Energy Laboratory is a unique context in which the Technological Institute of Energy (ITE) and the Textile Institute (AITEX) collaborate. In this laboratory, tests are carried out to test fabrics used in personal protective clothing (PPE). In addition, it has two twin chambers to generate electrical arcs of up to 2.5 seconds in order to speed up testing processes.

Main electrical characteristics:

  • Maximum permanent power: 20 MVA
  • Maximum single-phase current: 8 kA (@3 kV)
  • Switches with opening/closing controlled by electrical angle

The laboratory has training rooms and a room in which the fabrics are prepared to recreate conditions of a real working environment that could have an effect on their properties.

It also has two twin chambers to generate electrical arcs of up to 2.5 seconds and thus streamline test processes.

Currently, there are only two laboratories like this one, which makes it a world leader. Its objective is to optimize processes and analysis in the control of occupational safety for professionals working in the electrical sector.

We help :

  • Companies in the electricity sector that develop personal protective fabrics and/or garments
  • Manufacturers of electrical equipment and companies transporting and distributing electrical energy

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