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From the Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía (ITE) we have the objective of facilitating the process of sustainable and efficient energy transition to companies and society.



Smart bio-hybrid phyto-organisms for environmental in situ monitoring


Research into a new technology to endow biological organisms – plants – with Artificial Intelligence (AI). The aim is to create a network of intelligent, self-powered sensors to measure both environmental parameters and the physiological state of plant response. Subsequently, the aim is to integrate this development into a complex network that will allow the processing of distributed information to facilitate decision making. In addition, it will constitute a self-powered device by renewable energy due to the novel use of sap, not only to transform plants into living sensors by sensing important markers in the sap, but also for the generation of clean energy. The project is carried out by a consortium of European entities, universities, technology centres and high-tech SMEs, which will extend and combine the boundaries of plant physiology, microtechnologies, bioelectronics, sensor engineering and AI, to transform the plant into a portable and autonomous living sensor that will serve as a reference of the quality of the environment in which it is located.


Development of a technology to be able to extract enough sap volume in a healthy plant, how to produce durable bioelectronics and how to create a self-powered smart portable phytosensor in a single device. Development and validation of the concept by modeling urban environments using novel combinations of existing plant and environmental parameters, as well as exploring the future role of sap in this regard.


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  • Development, production and experimental validation of distributed biohybrid systems technology and phytoorganism-based IA technology components deployed in real urban environments to provide resilient, reliable and environmentally responsible in situ monitoring. 
  • Self-supply and energy harvesting from biological organisms and sap extraction from living plants, monitoring of plant physiology, and development of corresponding technologies and devices. 
  • Innovations derived from different aspects of the project and its exploitation. 

As a result of this ITE project you will get: 

  • Development of flexible and miniaturized bioelectrodes for the generation of enzyme biopiles and biosensors. 
  • Sap specific biopile with energy generation capabilities and high operational stability. 
  • Biosensor for specific sap parameters. 

2021 Results 

  • Development of an anode using glucose as biofuel, with improved energy generation capabilities under laboratory conditions. This anode has a design adapted to the future creation of a sap biopile. 

2022 Results 

  • Development of bioelectrodes for the use of sap as a source of information and energy. 






GA 101017899-WATCHPLANT-2020-FETPROACT-2018-2020 / H2020-FETPROACT-2020-2

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