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From the Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía (ITE) we have the objective of facilitating the process of sustainable and efficient energy transition to companies and society.


Reliability, safety and integration of electronic power systems in the low-voltage grid 


Within the energy transition context, electronic power systems play a relevant role in each of the phases of production, distribution and transport of renewable electric energy and sustainable mobility. However, a failure of this equipment can mean a drop in the power supply or the deterioration of the infrastructure itself. Therefore, it is important to analyse this equipment in order to improve its efficiency, reliability and safety, taking into account aspects such as component degradation, thermal management or its impact on the network and its protections. 

In view of the above-mentioned context and the associated technological challenges, the RESAIN project focuses on developing tools to improve the reliability and safety of the operation of power electronic systems, as well as to promote their integration into the Low Voltage AC grid. 


To facilitate the penetration of power electronic systems in the low voltage AC grid, both in consumption and in energy generation and conversion, providing technological solutions that contribute to the improvement of reliability, safety and integration with the grid, addressing hardware aspects such as thermal management or reliability of components, and operational aspects such as the development of an interoperability protocol between power electronic systems and the impact on the grid and its protections due to power electronics, both from the point of view of quality of supply and operation.


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  • Definition of a methodology for evaluating the reliability of electronic power system hardware. 
  • Design of a control method for independent phases in three-phase low-voltage networks for back-to-back converters. 
  • Definition of an interoperability protocol for power electronic equipment in alternating low voltage networks. 
  • Definition of a methodology to evaluate the behaviour of the converters in urgent situations of the network. 
  • Evaluation of the impact of power electronics on GLP communications in alternating low voltage networks. 
  • Definition of a methodology for adjusting the operating regime of power electronic converters to urgent situations in the network. 



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