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From the Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía (ITE) we have the objective of facilitating the process of sustainable and efficient energy transition to companies and society.



Demonstration system for the production of activated carbon from Valencian waste for energy and environmental applications.


The CIRCULARCARBON project is proposed as a demonstration of a circular economy concept based on innovative revaluation technologies that promote energy transition and decarbonization of the economy within the industrial fabric of the Valencian Community. 

This demonstrator is composed, in turn, of three main processes: 

  1. Process for obtaining sustainable activated carbon from local waste. 
  2. Validation process for sustainable activated carbon for use in generating sustainable biovalue-added components for next-generation batteries 
  3. Activated carbon validation process for environmental water and gas treatment

In addition to the above, an energy analysis and the application of Industry 4.0 digitalization technologies are proposed in order to guarantee the sustainability and study of energy and environmental alternatives of the process, with emphasis on the stages of obtaining activated carbon. 


The overall objective of the project is the design and implementation of a demonstrator that serves as a research and development platform for the revalorization of waste by obtaining high added value products (activated carbons) and their validation in energy and environmental applications aligned with the Circular Economy Concept.

Among the innovative elements of the project, the main challenge is to develop the use of biomass and local waste, of sustainable origin, as raw material to obtain activated carbon, within the context of the Circular Economy in the energy and environment sector, through the applications of this activated carbon for the manufacture of new generation battery electrodes, and for water and gas filtering applications.

As a consequence, the design and implementation of the pilot is one of the key objectives, together with the energy analysis of the processes in their translation to an industrial environment, in order to guarantee their sustainability.



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2020 Results 

  • Demo design: definition of needs, analysis of market technologies, selection and justification. Digital system selection, architecture design and general structural needs of the pilot. Design of the process to be developed. 
  • Demo use cases approach. For energy analysis of consumption and application and generation of new digitalization technologies. Pilot specifications and design 
  • Definition of specific necessary equipment, selection, management and purchase. 
  • Definition of the demo test cases to be performed during the testing phase. 
  • Start of work on adapting the demonstrator and preliminary tests on the operation of the equipment received. 
  • Formulation of the work plan with companies. 

2021 Results 

Completion of the installation and commissioning of the CircularCarbon demonstrator as a whole, including the reception and installation of equipment and the necessary services, testing and validation of equipment, and performance of individual and process performance tests: 

  • Process for obtaining sustainable activated carbon for the recovery of abundant waste from companies in the Valencian Community using thermochemical processes for the production of coal and other by-products (biooil and gases) 
  • Advanced process for the production and integration of next-generation battery electrodes based on printing techniques and using sustainable active materials, such as activated carbon. 
  • Digital system for the collection, processing and analysis of energy and process data, based on IIoT technology, aligned with the concept of Industry 4.0 and Connected Industry 4.0, for a comprehensive analysis of energy efficiency at different levels and in relation to relevant production parameters and variables of the demonstrator. 


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