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From the Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía (ITE) we have the objective of facilitating the process of sustainable and efficient energy transition to companies and society.


Strategies to extend lithium battery life based on new materials and cell sensing (BATSENS) 


The service life of a battery is affected by external factors such as extreme temperatures, mechanical stress, excess energy during operation, aging and internal degradation processes. These degradative processes are largely associated with different undesired phenomena that take place in the materials that make up the electrochemical cell. From the perspectives of sustainability, economic efficiency and safety, it is necessary to find materials and processes to increase the safety and lifetime of lithium ion (Li-ion) cells. 


The objective of the BATSENS project is to implement strategies to extend the useful life of lithium batteries by: 1) Development of new and more stable materials, 2) In-cell component sensing and 3) Post-mortem analysis of cells.

The specific objectives of this proposal are as follows:

  • Development of new materials
  • New techniques for the synthesis of new generation nickel-rich NMC type cathodes.
  • Development of polymeric membranes with improved mechanical and thermal stability through the addition of additives.
  • Development of new sensors for cell monitoring
    • Analysis and selection of key parameters to be monitored in cells.
    • Development and testing of sensors to monitor cell parameters.
    • Integration of the sensor in pouch cells
  • Post-Mortem Analysis
    • Post-Mortem methodology design.
    • Analysis and verification of degradation processes in cells


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The expected results for the 2023 annuity are as follows:

  • Nickel-rich NMC-type cathodes with high electrochemical stability
  • Polymeric membranes with greater mechanical and thermal stability after the addition of additives
  • Sensor development and integration in a monolayer cell
  • Designing a Post-Mortem analysis for Li-ion batteries


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