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    Description: The Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía (ITE) has developed, together with the main Spanish electricity companies, a Smart Grids project that aims at improving the efficiency of all the systems involved in the electric grid. This consumption management model is adapted to clients’ needs and it will have a display device that enables users to interact with […]


    Description: MV distribution grid of the companies Gas Natural Fenosa (UFD) and E.On uses a configuration with ungrounded neutral (that is a transformer neutral that is not connected to ground). Unlike the configuration with grounded neutral, this one has the fundamental advantage of having not high short-circuit currents for ground fault and it ensures the continuity of service […]

  • ICPE

    Description: In this project a Smart system has been developed to promote the increase of energy efficiency in grids of buildings or establishments through the design and development of a technological platform based on information and communication technologies. This system has a monitoring and management software for lighting and air-conditioning system that represent the 80% of […]

  • MICE

    Description: MICE aims to be an integrated solution addressed to the right management of energy through different tools of tele-monitoring and dynamic active sale of energy, both for final points of consumption and distributed generation ones, or those that have both options, for example Smart buildings or charging and discharging installations for electric vehicles. The platform groups and homogenizes all important energy […]


    Description: This project aims at developing an integral charge management platform, that can be integrated in energy grids and Smart grids, and that makes possible the communication between all agents of electricity distribution. Thus, agents of the electric market are provided with information about use, offer and demand in the electric vehicle, facilitating its integration in […]


    Description: The project OVI-RED aims at designing, developing and implementing a system for the management of a group of microgrids. The proposed system is composed of different control and management layers organized in a hierarchy that permit to use distributed energy resources of the microgrid on the basis of criteria of grid stability and reliability, […]


    Start 2014 – Finish 2015 Description: With the project SEATERMINALS they have been implemented and tested a series of prototypes of systems and machinery that facilitate the evolution of European ports, in particular of container terminals, towards a low-carbon operating model with more efficient energy consumption. Aims: The aim of this European project is to accelerate the transition […]


    Description: This Project is focused on connecting in an ideal way the electric vehicle to the electricity grid, monitoring the energy flows and their efficiency from a safety perspective. All of this, under an advanced system of communication, automation and control of the information and the used energy. Aims: The aim of the Project is to create a system that enable the electric vehicle […]


    Description: The project MOBINCITY aims at achieving the optimization of the run time of the electric vehicle and an increase of the energy efficiency of them through the development of an integral system based on information and communication technologies, ICTs. This system will enable the driver to interact with the electric vehicle and the energy and transport infrastructure, using […]


    Description: One of the main obstacles for the achievement of the energy aims of the European Union is the difficulty in getting finances (public or private) for projects on renewable energies and on the improvement of efficiency. This is the reason why the achievement of such aims was delayed. This European project started in 2012 and it aimed at gathering […]

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