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Energy Management for SME

The energy management is an organized procedure for the prevision and the control of the energy consumption with the aim of obtaining the highest possible energy efficiency without reducing the performance, considering that an energy reduction would result in an economic life improvement for the company.


To reduce the energy consumption and the cost per kW or the cost per m³ of the fuel, therefore to ensure the quality of the supply and to facilitate the certification of equipments and installations.

  • Energy audit. Preliminary analysis of the energy situation of the company
  • Energy performance analysis of the current situation, and installation improvement and energy consumption advice
  • Energy management program. Turnkey project of an energy management software for the control and the maintenance of the equipments available in the installation, that creates detailed reports.
  • Training for people working daily in the installations

We also provide a series of additional services focused on the installation quality improvement:

  • Basic metering
  • Thermographic verification
  • Introduction to predictive maintenance
  • Integration of renewable systems in industrial environments
  • Optimization of industrial conditioning systems

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