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Electrical equipment for the verification of the installations

With the applicable New Electricity Regulations of Low Voltage, the Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía proposes solutions to the installation engineers by providing him electrical equipment for the verification of the installations, as well as the specialized training for the correct use of them with the aim of facilitate the adaptation to the new changes to make it be cheaper.

In addition, it is important to underline the support that ITE give to companies for the realization of made-to-measure Plans and Procedures of Calibration for their equipment.

Equipments are classified into the following groups:

  • Basic Category
    • Earth resistance meter
    • Insulating resistance meter
    • Multimeter
    • Milliamp clamp meter
    • Voltage detector
    • Power and energy analyzer
    • Test equipment of differential switch trigger sensitivity
    • Loop impedance meter
    • Verifier of continuity of the conductors
    • Luxmeter for emergency lighting
  • Specific Category
    • Analyzer of harmonics and disturbances in the grid
    • Electrodes for floor insulation measurement
    • Tester of the insulation monitoring device for operating rooms
  • Processing Centre
    • Oil dielectric strength meter, according to EN 60156:1995 and CEI 156
    • Verifier of overcurrent on direct and indirect relay, according to MIERAT 13

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