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Advice on ISO standards

The Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía offers companies advice for the integration of Energy Management Systems (EnMS) established to introduce Quality standards according to ISO 50.001.

With these standards, companies obtain energy improvement, increase in production, better corporate image, greater sustainability in their projects, etc.

Through ITE, companies can obtain:

  • Initial energy audit: installation inspection, collection of relevant information, analysis, issuance of initial diagnosis
  • Advice on energy policy definition
  • Planning
    • Identification of energy indicator and evaluation methods
    • Identification of legal requirements
    • Definition of objectives and energy targets
    • Definition of energy management program (responsibilities, resources, schedule)
  • Implementation. Elaboration of documents, procedures, communication…
  • Monitoring and verification. Monitoring, indicators measurement and analysis. Inspections. Energy efficiency improvement measures. Internal EnMS audit

In addition, we can help you with some tasks deriving from the implementation of the Energy Management System:

  • Implementation of an energy consumption monitoring system specific for your installation. (More info)
  • Introduction of energy efficiency improvement measures that can arise from the implementation of the EnMS (e.g. use of a more efficient technology, control improvement, etc.)

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