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The Secretary General of Science and Innovation says that “we must strengthen technology centers as they are essential to connect with companies”

  • Juan María Vázquez attended the III Foro de Consejeros REDIT where he explained the main lines of the next R&D Plan.

  • The Director of REDIT, Cristina Del Campo, presented the study “International Systems to support innovation” prepared in collaboration with the UPV.

“Technology Centers are fundamental agents of our system we have to strengthen as we need to connect with companies”.

This is what the Secretary General of Science and Innovation of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, before a group of 70 consultants of the Technology Institutes of REDIT.

During its speach at the Instituto Tecnológico de Embalaje, Transporte y Logística (ITENE), Vázquez explained that “it is important that the technology centers must keep on making progress towards a continuous improvement and excellence, as they attract small companies”. In addition, he underlined the role of the centers as strategic partners for 17,000 companies.

The Secretary General also mentioned the role of the centers as dynamizing elements for science and innovation and the competitiveness at European level, “where they are known for thies excellence”.

Vázquez, who is also president of the Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI), analyzed during his intervention the Spanish R&D System and highlighted, among other issues, the low intensity of R&D effort in relation to GDP; the business spending below the European average and the absence of flexible financing instruments for companies.

In addition, he emphasized the small number and size of companies involved in R+D+i activities in a systematic way and the low levels of internationalization in terms of R+D+i.

The Secretary General emphasized the strong disparity in R&D at local level and stated that “we must fight to ensure that there is no such disparity at regional level and that we can act from the State in a more homogeneous way.

Finally, Vázquez pointed out the main strategic lines of the next R+D+i Plan and fhe ocused on the main financing instruments for innovation that it contemplates.

Moreover, the Director of REDIT, Cristina Del Campo, presented the study International Systems to Support Innovation that REDIT created in collaboration with the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV). In it, it is included a comparative analysis of agents and systems of innovation of seven reference countries for R&D, such as South Korea, Germany, Finland, USA (the MIT), Sweden, Norway and France.

During his speech, Del Campo highlighted the strong investment in R+D+i with respect to the GDP of countries such as South Korea (4.29%); Sweden (3.3%) and Finland (2.9%).

She also highlighted the greater participation of the private sector in R&D investment in all countries with respect to Spain and “the public support for R+D+i entities of the countries analyzed that in no case is less than 50% . In this regard, he drew attention to South Korea, where GRIs receive 88.7%; USA where public support to MIT is over 90%; the Finnish VTT that receives 63% or the Fraunhofer Corporation of Germany that is financed by 58% thanks to public funds.

The Director of REDIT also highlighted the important basic support to R&D and innovation organizations in these countries offered by their governments.

Finally, the Director of ITENE, Javier Zabaleta, made a brief presentation of the Center before beginning the visit of the facilities.

The Foro de Consejeros is a REDIT initiative which aims at creating a meeting and debate point for the consultants of the 11 Technological Institutes integrated in the association, who are recognized entrepreneurs of key sectors of the Valencian Region.

The representation of ITE was reflected through its director Marta García and the directors Javier Cervera and Rafael Castillo representing Gas Natural Fenosa and FIECOV respectively.

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