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    Description GAMMA is a demonstration project of energy digitisation whose purpose is to make the most of companies energy communities, or district own energy resources, reduce the cost of energy consumed by the general network, reduce costs due to energy inefficiencies (reducing detection and action time), while having a better control of the energy cost […]

  • WiseGRID

    Description: The project WiseGRID expects to market a series of technological services and solutions to improve intelligence, stability and security in the Europen energy grid, which aims at being more open and focused on the final user. The project mixes the advanced use of storage technologies, the increse of distributed energy resources and the integration of charging stations for electric […]


    Description The project MAIGE is framed within a mid-term strategy aimed at developing advanced monitoring systems for gas and electricity distribution facilities. This strategy aims, in the medium term, at having the knowledge, tools and equipment for the efficient and optimized management of the gas and electricity distribution assets, including new functionalities, increasing security and […]

  • Emobility

    Description: This project aims at developing an energy management and monitoring system (SGM) that enables the control of both storage systems, through a local controller of energy storage units (CL-DES), and charging stations for electric vehicles (Tri-ERR), within an industrial environment. This management system will take into account the integration of alternative energy generation systems, consumption planning according […]


    Description: The project UPGRID started at the beginning of 2015 as part of the programme H2020 developed by a European consortium of nineteen partners form seven European countries: Spain, Portugal, Poland, Sweden, UK, France and Norway. It is led by Iberdrola Distribución S.A.U. The project includes four demonstrators that will be developed in Bilbao (north […]

  • Cybersecurity in the Electric Infrastructure of Smart Cities

    Start 2015 – Finish 2016 Description: The possibility to know the weaknesses, regarding security, to which the current energy telemanagement infrastructure is exposed, permit to detect and correct those weak points. Thus, a reliable and safe communication between elements forming the different infrastructures of Smart Cities is achieved, bringing to a more efficient global performance. Aims: The project aims at […]


    Description: The Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía (ITE) has developed, together with the main Spanish electricity companies, a Smart Grids project that aims at improving the efficiency of all the systems involved in the electric grid. This consumption management model is adapted to clients’ needs and it will have a display device that enables users to interact with […]


    Description: The project OVI-RED aims at designing, developing and implementing a system for the management of a group of microgrids. The proposed system is composed of different control and management layers organized in a hierarchy that permit to use distributed energy resources of the microgrid on the basis of criteria of grid stability and reliability, […]


    Description: This Project aims at getting Smart Grids closer to the business sector and to the society, and making know their possibilities. The project has detected companied and their possible implications within this new concept of grid, as well as the currently existing obstacles that make it difficult its integration into the market. Finally, it has been carried out a dissemination […]

  • S-GRID

    Start 2013 – Finish 2016 Description: On one hand, this project expects to design and develop a system that enables the analysis of the information of the assets of the grid, in order to avoid possible frauds or faults. On the other hand, it aims at creating a tool for the integration of the energy variable into the production process of […]

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