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  • ICAB

    Description: Te Project ICAB supports the promotion of the electric vehicle by means of the development of an innovative system for the management of batteries based on Lithium technologies, which will be managed by hybrid balancing and Power Line Communication technology (PLC). Aims: The main aims are to consolidate the electric vehicle as an alternative to […]

  • ZEB (Zero Emission Bus)

    Description: The project “Decision Support Model (TCO) for Transition to Zero Emission Bus” is framed within the European innovation programme for the fight against climate change “Climate-KIC”, since the transition to a zero emission public transport model in European cities is one of the objectives of the consortium that defines it. In that context of sustainable urban mobility is […]

  • Waste and subproducts recovery: New materials with a high added value

    Description: The project aims at reaching the recovery of agricultural and industrial waste in order to obtain new carbonaceous materials with a high added value. Currently, the lines for the valuation of agricultural or agro-industrial wastes are the traditional ones, such as composting or direct application on the field, which means a loss of value but a great potential for […]


    Description: Public spaces and service areas for leisure are places with a high customer frequency. The project aims at improving the personal experience of each user and the management of infrastructures through a higher energy control, emergency management and assistance for the security of the facilities. Moreover, it expects to offer those means that make possible the preservation of such […]


    Description: Within this project it has been developed a technological tool that permits to optimize the energy management of Service, Industrial and Construction sectors. It is an automated information and communication platform aimed at the reduction of energy and maintenance costs. The platform is focused on the systematic analysis, improvement and suitable maintenance of the productivity and performance of […]


    Description: This Project aims at getting Smart Grids closer to the business sector and to the society, and making know their possibilities. The project has detected companied and their possible implications within this new concept of grid, as well as the currently existing obstacles that make it difficult its integration into the market. Finally, it has been carried out a dissemination […]

  • S-GRID

    Start 2013 – Finish 2016 Description: On one hand, this project expects to design and develop a system that enables the analysis of the information of the assets of the grid, in order to avoid possible frauds or faults. On the other hand, it aims at creating a tool for the integration of the energy variable into the production process of […]

  • CEI

    Start 2014 – Finish 2016 Description: Design and development of a global smart management system that includes the energy management of the building/micro-grid/city from the field level to the user level. The system has an Energy Module that monitors and controls energy in order to reach the optimal energy use, consumption and generation, in each […]


    Description: This project aims at the development of a portable energy generator based on a direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) for leisure and entertainment applications. The device uses the hydrogen that composes the methanol molecule to power the fuel cell that, together with the oxygen of the air, enables the generation of electricity. It has a 75 […]