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    Description: ITE and AIMPLAS participate in the project FA ELECTRIC aimed at introducing materials with electrical properties in the additive manufacturing process. Additive manufacturing is becoming a real alternative to conventional machining and transformation processes due to its numerous advantages: faster time to market, speed the process, customization of parts with complete flexibility in design and manufacture, and savings […]


    Description: The project UPGRID started at the beginning of 2015 as part of the programme H2020 developed by a European consortium of nineteen partners form seven European countries: Spain, Portugal, Poland, Sweden, UK, France and Norway. It is led by Iberdrola Distribución S.A.U. The project includes four demonstrators that will be developed in Bilbao (north […]


    Description: The project is organized in two parts. In the first stage it has been successfully concluded the development and the experimental validation of a charging station with 50 kW DC according to the Japanese connection protocol CHAdeMO. The charging station, that has been developed by the researchers of GH Electrotermia with the support of […]

  • Activities of Transfer of Knowledge

    Description: Transfer of knowledge is carried out in different ways, from the continuous direct contact with companies, to the dissemination through its own different means of information. Aims: The general aim is to strengthen and position the different lines of ITE’s projects through knowledge generation and transfer activities by the participation of researchers in meetings, platforms, committees and […]

  • Cybersecurity in the Electric Infrastructure of Smart Cities

    Start 2015 – Finish 2016 Description: The possibility to know the weaknesses, regarding security, to which the current energy telemanagement infrastructure is exposed, permit to detect and correct those weak points. Thus, a reliable and safe communication between elements forming the different infrastructures of Smart Cities is achieved, bringing to a more efficient global performance. Aims: The project aims at […]

  • MicroBio: Study and development of components for microbiobatteries

    Start 2015 – Finish 2016 Description: In the current society, based on technology, there is a high demand for energy sources suitable for small devices. The Project MicroBio aims at combining efforts to evaluate and penetrate in energy storage markets that require a minimum quantity of energy, such as the market of small electronic devices (e.g. back-up in a […]

  • Membranas CincO

    Start 2015 – Finish 2015 Description: The R&D project Membranas CincO consist in developing a system of porous membrane and sustainable electrolyte that can be used on Zn-O2 batteries in order to research and develop a low-resistance porous membrane, to develop and evaluate sustainable liquid electrolytes and to make the membrane-electrolyte system compatible. This kind of batteries is especially attractive to […]


    Start 2014 – Finish 2017 Description: The project aims at dealing with how and with which elements and operational strategies it is possible to estimate the estate of the working medium voltage cables, also thanks to the aging patterns generation that can be used to make decisions. These advances are strengthened by Smart grids new capacities, not […]


    Start 2014 – Finish 2017 Description: This project aims at improving the quality of electricity supply and the efficiency of electricity distribution grids. Thus, new insulating materials (silicone for insulators) will be developed, with improved properties based on the deep compression of deteriorating phenomena that the insulator experience during its life. This advance will be accompanied by an integral experimental […]


    Description: The Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía (ITE) has developed, together with the main Spanish electricity companies, a Smart Grids project that aims at improving the efficiency of all the systems involved in the electric grid. This consumption management model is adapted to clients’ needs and it will have a display device that enables users to interact with […]

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