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  • Emobility

    Description: This project aims at developing an energy management and monitoring system (SGM) that enables the control of both storage systems, through a local controller of energy storage units (CL-DES), and charging stations for electric vehicles (Tri-ERR), within an industrial environment. This management system will take into account the integration of alternative energy generation systems, consumption planning according […]


    Description: The project “Cool Routing” proposes the improvement of refrigerated cargo transport using electric vehicles. The combination of refrigerated cargo and electric vehicle presents an additional difficulty for the planning of routes, since it is necessary to take into account more external factors. The solution proposed ranges from the adaptation/sensorization of an electric vehicle with […]


    Description: The project is organized in two parts. In the first stage it has been successfully concluded the development and the experimental validation of a charging station with 50 kW DC according to the Japanese connection protocol CHAdeMO. The charging station, that has been developed by the researchers of GH Electrotermia with the support of […]


    Description: This project aims at developing an integral charge management platform, that can be integrated in energy grids and Smart grids, and that makes possible the communication between all agents of electricity distribution. Thus, agents of the electric market are provided with information about use, offer and demand in the electric vehicle, facilitating its integration in […]


    Description: This Project is focused on connecting in an ideal way the electric vehicle to the electricity grid, monitoring the energy flows and their efficiency from a safety perspective. All of this, under an advanced system of communication, automation and control of the information and the used energy. Aims: The aim of the Project is to create a system that enable the electric vehicle […]


    Description: The project MOBINCITY aims at achieving the optimization of the run time of the electric vehicle and an increase of the energy efficiency of them through the development of an integral system based on information and communication technologies, ICTs. This system will enable the driver to interact with the electric vehicle and the energy and transport infrastructure, using […]

  • ICAB

    Description: Te Project ICAB supports the promotion of the electric vehicle by means of the development of an innovative system for the management of batteries based on Lithium technologies, which will be managed by hybrid balancing and Power Line Communication technology (PLC). Aims: The main aims are to consolidate the electric vehicle as an alternative to […]

  • ZEB (Zero Emission Bus)

    Description: The project “Decision Support Model (TCO) for Transition to Zero Emission Bus” is framed within the European innovation programme for the fight against climate change “Climate-KIC”, since the transition to a zero emission public transport model in European cities is one of the objectives of the consortium that defines it. In that context of sustainable urban mobility is […]

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