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Inteligencia Energética y Percepción Social


    Description This project provides a solution which includes both hardware and software for the management, monitoring, energy control and metering of community installations of air-conditioning systems and hot water, adapting it in a personalized and user-friendly way to the needs of each user of the service: final user, maintenance/management service of the installation and owner. Aims The main aim of […]


    Description: The project TECEM, which is being developed by ITE in cooperation with ITC, is aimed at improving the current energy and environmental situation of the production process of ceramic tiles, since it requires a high consumption of energy, mainly thermal, in addition to an important consumption of electricity in all its stages. Aims: The aim is to […]

  • Activities of Transfer of Knowledge

    Description: Transfer of knowledge is carried out in different ways, from the continuous direct contact with companies, to the dissemination through its own different means of information. Aims: The general aim is to strengthen and position the different lines of ITE’s projects through knowledge generation and transfer activities by the participation of researchers in meetings, platforms, committees and […]

  • ICPE

    Description: In this project a Smart system has been developed to promote the increase of energy efficiency in grids of buildings or establishments through the design and development of a technological platform based on information and communication technologies. This system has a monitoring and management software for lighting and air-conditioning system that represent the 80% of […]


    Start 2014 – Finish 2015 Description: With the project SEATERMINALS they have been implemented and tested a series of prototypes of systems and machinery that facilitate the evolution of European ports, in particular of container terminals, towards a low-carbon operating model with more efficient energy consumption. Aims: The aim of this European project is to accelerate the transition […]


    Description: One of the main obstacles for the achievement of the energy aims of the European Union is the difficulty in getting finances (public or private) for projects on renewable energies and on the improvement of efficiency. This is the reason why the achievement of such aims was delayed. This European project started in 2012 and it aimed at gathering […]


    Description: Public spaces and service areas for leisure are places with a high customer frequency. The project aims at improving the personal experience of each user and the management of infrastructures through a higher energy control, emergency management and assistance for the security of the facilities. Moreover, it expects to offer those means that make possible the preservation of such […]


    Description: Within this project it has been developed a technological tool that permits to optimize the energy management of Service, Industrial and Construction sectors. It is an automated information and communication platform aimed at the reduction of energy and maintenance costs. The platform is focused on the systematic analysis, improvement and suitable maintenance of the productivity and performance of […]

  • S-GRID

    Start 2013 – Finish 2016 Description: On one hand, this project expects to design and develop a system that enables the analysis of the information of the assets of the grid, in order to avoid possible frauds or faults. On the other hand, it aims at creating a tool for the integration of the energy variable into the production process of […]

  • CEI

    Start 2014 – Finish 2016 Description: Design and development of a global smart management system that includes the energy management of the building/micro-grid/city from the field level to the user level. The system has an Energy Module that monitors and controls energy in order to reach the optimal energy use, consumption and generation, in each […]

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