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Bienes de Equipo para las Infraestructuras Eléctricas de Baja y Media Tensión

  • Development of new materials for High Voltage applications

    Description: This Project aims at providing means to the Institute in order to strengthen the research line on new materials and electrical capital goods, as well as issues related to the management of facilities, such as the detection of faults in cables through partial discharges. Aims: The aim is to provide equipment to strengthen the research […]


    Start 2014 – Finish 2017 Description: The project aims at dealing with how and with which elements and operational strategies it is possible to estimate the estate of the working medium voltage cables, also thanks to the aging patterns generation that can be used to make decisions. These advances are strengthened by Smart grids new capacities, not […]


    Start 2014 – Finish 2017 Description: This project aims at improving the quality of electricity supply and the efficiency of electricity distribution grids. Thus, new insulating materials (silicone for insulators) will be developed, with improved properties based on the deep compression of deteriorating phenomena that the insulator experience during its life. This advance will be accompanied by an integral experimental […]


    Description: MV distribution grid of the companies Gas Natural Fenosa (UFD) and E.On uses a configuration with ungrounded neutral (that is a transformer neutral that is not connected to ground). Unlike the configuration with grounded neutral, this one has the fundamental advantage of having not high short-circuit currents for ground fault and it ensures the continuity of service […]

  • S-GRID

    Start 2013 – Finish 2016 Description: On one hand, this project expects to design and develop a system that enables the analysis of the information of the assets of the grid, in order to avoid possible frauds or faults. On the other hand, it aims at creating a tool for the integration of the energy variable into the production process of […]

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