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Almacenamiento Energético y Nuevos Materiales


    Description The research project Bio-monitoring proposes the development of an enzymatic glucose biobattery prototype conceived to supply power to clinical monitoring and control devices. The proposed solution is the supply of these monitoring devises by a small biobattery placed in the patient’s body. Aims This year, the aim of the project is the technical preparation and the coordination of […]

  • Bio2

    Description The project Bio2 is an opportunity to develop and optimize a biobattery for different applications on human beings. It is a high-efficiency system, which meets the needs of current society to power electric devices such as pacemakers or insulin pumps, thus improving the quality of life. The project has been funded by the Programme Torres […]


    Description: Development of a low power and high pressure PEM electrolyzer for the generation of high-purity hydrogen, with the aim of integrating it in a «Smart Grid» together with renewable energies, in order to absorb the surplus production and to make possible the generation of energy at times of high demand and low production. Aims: The […]


    Description: ITE and AIMPLAS participate in the project FA ELECTRIC aimed at introducing materials with electrical properties in the additive manufacturing process. Additive manufacturing is becoming a real alternative to conventional machining and transformation processes due to its numerous advantages: faster time to market, speed the process, customization of parts with complete flexibility in design and manufacture, and savings […]

  • MicroBio: Study and development of components for microbiobatteries

    Start 2015 – Finish 2016 Description: In the current society, based on technology, there is a high demand for energy sources suitable for small devices. The Project MicroBio aims at combining efforts to evaluate and penetrate in energy storage markets that require a minimum quantity of energy, such as the market of small electronic devices (e.g. back-up in a […]

  • Membranas CincO

    Start 2015 – Finish 2015 Description: The R&D project Membranas CincO consist in developing a system of porous membrane and sustainable electrolyte that can be used on Zn-O2 batteries in order to research and develop a low-resistance porous membrane, to develop and evaluate sustainable liquid electrolytes and to make the membrane-electrolyte system compatible. This kind of batteries is especially attractive to […]

  • H2Al Recycling

    Start 2012 – Finish 2016 Description: Within this project it has been designed and created a pilot plant to obtain hydrogen from the decomposition of clean water, using aluminium, with the aim of optimizing its efficiency to power a fuel cell. Aims: The aim of the project is to produce hydrogen in a safe way, […]

  • ICAB

    Description: Te Project ICAB supports the promotion of the electric vehicle by means of the development of an innovative system for the management of batteries based on Lithium technologies, which will be managed by hybrid balancing and Power Line Communication technology (PLC). Aims: The main aims are to consolidate the electric vehicle as an alternative to […]

  • Waste and subproducts recovery: New materials with a high added value

    Description: The project aims at reaching the recovery of agricultural and industrial waste in order to obtain new carbonaceous materials with a high added value. Currently, the lines for the valuation of agricultural or agro-industrial wastes are the traditional ones, such as composting or direct application on the field, which means a loss of value but a great potential for […]


    Description: This project aims at the development of a portable energy generator based on a direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) for leisure and entertainment applications. The device uses the hydrogen that composes the methanol molecule to power the fuel cell that, together with the oxygen of the air, enables the generation of electricity. It has a 75 […]

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