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Smart Vehicle to Grid Interface, SMARTV2G


This Project is focused on connecting in an ideal way the electric vehicle to the electricity grid, monitoring the energy flows and their efficiency from a safety perspective. All of this, under an advanced system of communication, automation and control of the information and the used energy.


The aim of the Project is to create a system that enable the electric vehicle to work not only as an alternative to the sustainable mobility, but also as an energy storage and sales system that can be dumped on the electricity grid, while the vehicle is not used.


The aim was achieved for direct current Fast Charging Station (DC CS) and only partially (discharge) for alternative current Charge Station (AC CS) because of standardization limits. The system, that includes also a Smart Control Center, gives benefits to users, which can sell the energy they do not use, and to distributor companies, which can have new elements for energy distribution that ensure the supply of enough energy in case of overload problems in the grid.

Another innovation is the interaction with final users. They can have in their mobile phones and tablets a personalized service that will allow them to receive the information on the charge report and on the battery conditions at all times, and to localize the nearest charging stations and reserve one for a specific time.

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