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SMARTH2PEM: development of a high performance, high pressure and low cost PEM electrolyzer for the supply of hydrogen


Development of a low power and high pressure PEM electrolyzer for the generation of high-purity hydrogen, with the aim of integrating it in a “Smart Grid” together with renewable energies, in order to absorb the surplus production and to make possible the generation of energy at times of high demand and low production.


The aim of the project is the development of a low-power (1KW), high-pressure (> 15 bar) and competitive-cost PEM electrolyzer for the production of high-purity hydrogen (99.99%). Strategies to achieve it will be focused on 2 main lines:

  • Alternatives for the reduction of the cost of the PEM electrolyzer key components, improving also their efficiency (membranes, bipolar plates and electrocatalyst).
  • Efficient design of the different developed components.


  • Membranes suitable for the operation of the electrolyzer at high pressure and with an adequate durability.
  • MEAs by electrochemical methods.
  • Advanced electrodes that support the working conditions of the electrolyzer (P, T and oxidation).
  • Smart control system that allows managing the production of hydrogen in an efficient and safe way.
  • Validation of the performance of the laboratory-scale prototype under conditions that simulate generation using renewable energies.
  • Reduction of the dependence on fossil fuels by producing hydrogen, which is a clean fuel since its only by-product is water, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.