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Opening towards new Smart Grids, SMARTEC


This Project aims at getting Smart Grids closer to the business sector and to the society, and making know their possibilities. The project has detected companied and their possible implications within this new concept of grid, as well as the currently existing obstacles that make it difficult its integration into the market. Finally, it has been carried out a dissemination activity with the aim of obtaining a greater social acceptance.


This project had a double objective: one is to make know Smart Grid and the existing possibilities in the Valencian Community, and the other is to detect the currently existing barriers that can make it difficult the introduction of this new vision of energy.


  • Definition of Smart Grids, the area of action of the sector and the involved agents, and the value chain of the sector.
  • Detection and definition of barriers and external agents that can make it difficult the introduction of the grids from a technological, social and normative point of view.
  • Creation of an action plan about industrial agents and final users, in order to facilitate the dissemination and the acceptance of all the new associated equipment and technologies.