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Advanced system for Resources Management in Distributed Smart Grids S-GRID

Start 2013 – Finish 2016


On one hand, this project expects to design and develop a system that enables the analysis of the information of the assets of the grid, in order to avoid possible frauds or faults.

On the other hand, it aims at creating a tool for the integration of the energy variable into the production process of a company and that enable it to make the right decisions in order to optimize the production, considering this variable not only for its technical capacity, but also for the economic consequence of this resource.


  • Development of a tool for the industrial optimization and planning, considering the energy variable as one of the parameters that are taken into consideration during the production process.
  • Development of the algorithm for the detection of frauds and/or faults starting from the processing of recorded data.


Results 2015:

  • Development of an electricity assets management system framed within the preventive and predictive maintenance that allows the anticipation incipient malfunctioning or even the end of the lifetime of devices. In this way it is achieved the saving of costs deriving from the replacement and substitution of equipment and this will be a fundamental tool for the optimal planning of future maintenance tasks and investments on new grid equipment.
  • Design of a faults detection system to carry out a proper analysis of the data provided by the metering infrastructure.
  • Design of a tool for the integral management of the energy involved in the production process of a company.

Results 2016:

  • Development and implementation of a system for the detection, classification and interpretation of faults in the analysis of huge amounts of data in order to identify irregularities and malfunctions. This system applies to sensor grids where it is exchanged a massive amount of data of different nature and origin. The development of this system allows to foresee future malfunctioning and external threats, and to give strength to the system with the aim of avoiding those economic losses that can arise in this kind of situations.
  • Development of a tool for the integral management of the energy involved in the production process of a company that will permit a direct savings in the costs of production through the replanning of the energy used in the different production subsystems. In addition, these developments will provide an opportunity for the correct application of active demand management operations.
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