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Regions4GreenGrowth (Regional policy instruments and approaches for improving access to finance and speeding up investments in sustainable energy)


One of the main obstacles for the achievement of the energy aims of the European Union is the difficulty in getting finances (public or private) for projects on renewable energies and on the improvement of efficiency. This is the reason why the achievement of such aims was delayed.

This European project started in 2012 and it aimed at gathering and exchanging good practices in the regional policies to improve and promote the access to finance for projects on energy sustainability in 13 European regions.


The aim of the project Regions for Green Growth (R4GG) was to give recommendations and instruments to those European regions that have sustainable ambitions. These recommendations and instruments aim at achieving a better and more accessible funding for projects on renewable energies and energy efficiency, as well as policies that facilitate it and speed up investments.


In 2014 ITE finalized and give the report of the last peer review done to each region participating in the project, in this case to Flevoland (Holland) where was carried out in November 2013. Its aim was to provide recommendations about how to create an economic framework based on renewable energies that stimulate the realization of projects, business and education in order to obtain not only an economic growth, but also a higher social cohesion. The team of experts from different countries, which was in charge of this work, was coordinated by the personnel of the Valencian technology center.

ITE attended and participated actively in conferences for the coordination and the commercialization of the project that took place in Sundsvall (Västernorrland, Sweden) from the 7th to the 9th of May, in Baia Mare (Maramures, Romania) from the 2nd to the 3rd of October, where interventions of the Valencian Region with regard to funding for projects on sustainable energies were explained. Moreover, it participated in the workshop “Renewable energy in European regions: best practices” in Lyon (France) on the 3rd of June. All the activities allow to contact with possible partners and to discuss about future projects.