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Resource for the management of energy assets for the service, industrial and tertiary sectors. REGEENER


Within this project it has been developed a technological tool that permits to optimize the energy management of Service, Industrial and Construction sectors. It is an automated information and communication platform aimed at the reduction of energy and maintenance costs.

The platform is focused on the systematic analysis, improvement and suitable maintenance of the productivity and performance of the main integrated energy assets of facilities, industrial plants and buildings for the Service, Industrial and Construction sectors, whether they are consumption, generation or storage ones, since new energy uses need it with the advent of Smart Grids.


The aim of the project REGEENER is to analyze and develop an active methodology, based also on current automation, information and communication resources, for the integral management of energy assets that are typical of important sectors, such as the Service, Industrial and Tertiary ones.


This tool will enable energy managers, owners and users to significantly improve the knowledge of the energy-productive conditions and management of their energy assets associated to facilities, industrial plants and buildings. This advanced management will make possible the improvement of their performance, optimizing the correct operation and the operating time, reducing the costs and increasing the benefits.

Additionally, it will be possible to minimize the management costs by increasing the attraction of investment on energy-efficient infrastructures and to improve their corresponding maintenance, including predictive techniques for the energy analysis and the detection of faults.

During this year, control panels were integrally designed and developed, specific for industrial compressed air and public streetlight installations. The technological solution that was developed is formed by the following elements: field controller, field communication towards information systems, information infrastructure in the cloud of energy monitoring and analysis, and user interfaces.

Testing and validation of the platform were carried out by using a demonstrative pilot in a real industrial environment and in a controlled area for streetlight.


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