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Smart Measure and Active Energy Commercialization, MICE


MICE aims to be an integrated solution addressed to the right management of energy through different tools of tele-monitoring and dynamic active sale of energy, both for final points of consumption and distributed generation ones, or those that have both options, for example Smart buildings or charging and discharging installations for electric vehicles.

The platform groups and homogenizes all important energy and environment data to process them centrally through analysis algorithms and to offer this added value information through distributed ICT services of energy monitoring and sale.

Energy analysis mechanisms are based on the design of algorithms that provide the prediction of demand and distributed generation, as well as the autonomous detection of energy use patterns. Offered information is integrated in the platform and is especially interesting for the realization of an optimal energy management and sale of energy management or final users.

Moreover, they are being generated and tested systems of acquisition and centralization of energy intercommunication data between all the agents involved. As well as information and communication technologies in the net and interfaces.


The aim is to develop an integral platform of hardware and software for the Smart management and sale of energy. The developed solution includes the centralization and analysis of energy production and consumption data and it is based on the exploitation of informatics that provides all the technology for the pricing and metering of energy, as well as new meters with time-of-day pricing and telemanagement capacity that every home must integrate before 2018. Moreover, it will have distributed interfaces of energy monitoring and management for final users and managers.


MICE will provide a series of tools to achieve the best energy management of groups of clients, both consumers and prosumers (producers-consumers of energy). Additionally, energy efficiency will improve by making users aware and two important aims will be achieved: the reduction of CO2 emissions and the creation of new business lines based on technology services for the energy and ICT sectors.

In the previous year, each part of the system was developed and tested in laboratories: acquisition and centralization of energy data from all types of measuring systems, cloud technology for the centralization and integration of Smart energy algorithms and distributed interfaces of energy monitoring and management.

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