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Integrated Circuit for Advanced Battery Management, ICAB


Te Project ICAB supports the promotion of the electric vehicle by means of the development of an innovative system for the management of batteries based on Lithium technologies, which will be managed by hybrid balancing and Power Line Communication technology (PLC).


The main aims are to consolidate the electric vehicle as an alternative to the conventional vehicle, ensuring the maximum reliability on the management of batteries and optimizing its performance in order to increase its run-time and reduce the costs of production.

ICAB aims at the achievement of these objectives by the implementation of advanced monitoring, control, management and communication functions on an integrated and low-cost hardware solution, complying with quality and safety standards.


The implementation of techniques for the advanced management of batteries will permit to increase efficiency in the management of stored energy and, therefore, to increase the run-time of the vehicle, while the advanced protection and monitoring functions will increase the level of safety in the control of battery systems.

Finally, the integration of functions for the advanced management of batteries by means of hybrid balancing strategies, that will be implemented in the integrated circuit, and the use of the high voltage line between the battery and the engine as the element of communication by means of PLC technology will allow to reduce the cost of the battery management system (BMS) and of the electric vehicle.

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