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Emobility: hybridization of technologies based on new materials and electromobility solutions that facilitate self-supply


This project aims at developing an energy management and monitoring system (SGM) that enables the control of both storage systems, through a local controller of energy storage units (CL-DES), and charging stations for electric vehicles (Tri-ERR), within an industrial environment. This management system will take into account the integration of alternative energy generation systems, consumption planning according to the production forecasts and the cost of electricity depending on time and date.

SGM will be able to generate the control instructions for the storage systems and the charging stations, with the aim of reaching the desired energy balance.

So that it will set the needs of energy storage and supply for the CL-DES and it will set the available power for the charge of the EV in the Tri-ERR.


The aim is to develop and validate different Smart energy scenarios in an industrial facility by using different energy storage technologies that facilitate the demand management and that contribute to the stability of the grid, preventing demand peaks, thereby saving energy and reducing costs.


In addition to the validation of different self-supply scenarios, it is part of the project the development of the following units:

  • SMG: software for the monitoring and management of energy storage services.
  • CL-DES: local control system that integrates distributed energy storage systems (DES) and that is able to manage demand changes in the facility where it is located.
  • Tri-ERR: CHAdeMO and Combo DC/AC fast charging station that enable the management of smart charging according to the protocol OCPP. In addition, it will be developed an electric vehicle simulator (Sim-VE) aimed at testing and validating the functioning of the charging station.
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