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New technologies in public spaces for leisure. Energy Efficiency, Safety and Multimedia Interactivity System. EESIM


Public spaces and service areas for leisure are places with a high customer frequency. The project aims at improving the personal experience of each user and the management of infrastructures through a higher energy control, emergency management and assistance for the security of the facilities. Moreover, it expects to offer those means that make possible the preservation of such areas and of the goods installed there.


The aim of the project EESIM is to integrate new technologies in public spaces or service areas for leisure, such as museums or hotels, among others, in order to offer an improvement in:

  • Energy Efficiency.
  • Interactivity with the user.
  • Integrity of the facilities and of the goods installed there.
  • Safety of the users.


  • Adaptation of the infrastructure to provide new functionalities, such as automatic dimming of light, sensing of physical parameters like temperature, humidity and lighting, proximity detection, interactivity with the users public spaces for leisure.
  • Obtainment of a software tool that is able to manage lighting by means of a manual/automatic control and the monitoring of environment and consumption parameters. In addition, this tool will provide a platform that will manage the produced security incidents, sending notices to the mobile terminals of the security staff of the area to make them act accordingly.
  • Obtainment of personalized mobile Apps that are used as interfaces between the users and the organization of the leisure area, offering visitors extra interactive multimedia content, with the aim of improving their experience in the area.
  • Implementation and testing of a Pilot in a museum with regard to the developed multimedia Apps.
  • Transfer of the knowledge generated on methodology and of the developed technological tool to those companies of the Valencian Community that are interested in implementing EESIM or in participating in its use, maintenance or actualization of the generated systems and services.

Click here to download the APP of the demonstrator implemented in the Museo Valenciano de Arte Moderno (IVAM).

NB: the APP works only inside the facilities of the museum. 


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