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COOL ROUTING: platform for the optimized planning of delivery routes for electric vehicles with refrigerated cargo


The project “Cool Routing” proposes the improvement of refrigerated cargo transport using electric vehicles. The combination of refrigerated cargo and electric vehicle presents an additional difficulty for the planning of routes, since it is necessary to take into account more external factors.

The solution proposed ranges from the adaptation/sensorization of an electric vehicle with a data collection platform, to the design and development of a route and consumption calculation system. The final result will be a interface that will provide the user with the optimal route to follow, taking into account the needs of charging the electric vehicle and maintaining the temperature in the refrigerated box, the deliveries to make, etc.


The aim of the project is to develop a system that enables the planning, organization and optimization of delivery routes for electric vehicles with refrigerated cargo. The system will be supported by a technological platform that when planning the route and during transport will provide the information about how much energy it will be used, the nearby charging station, among others.


The development of a dynamic route planner based on a model of autonomy for electric vehicles with refrigerated cargo will represent an innovative tool that will promote a clean and efficient distribution of goods, improving the quality of the air we breathe and enhancing the economic competitiveness of cities, given the importance of the transport sector.

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