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Enzymatic glucose biobattery as power source for biomedical devices


The research project Bio-monitoring proposes the development of an enzymatic glucose biobattery prototype conceived to supply power to clinical monitoring and control devices. The proposed solution is the supply of these monitoring devises by a small biobattery placed in the patient’s body.


This year, the aim of the project is the technical preparation and the coordination of participant teams. ITE-INCLIVA research teams will be selected and coordinated to write public funding proposals at national and European level. Later, national and international companies will be contacted to present them the new technology and to get alliances and collaborations for future projects within Horizon 2020 programme of the EU.


Firstly, follow-up and monitoring meetings were held with INCLIVA research team in order to identify the keys and requirements for the development of electrodes, and to find out the possible financial aid programmes for research and innovation such as Horizon 2020 and the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation 2013-2016 of the MICINN.

Secondly, presentation of the project to possible partners was carried out by holding meetings with researcher teams working on enzymatic technology. Some of them expressed their interest in participating in the development of the Project. At the same time, electrodes were developer for heart monitoring.

The project was funded by the Call for Preparatory Activities for Project Coordinated between Technology Institutes of REDIT and Researchers and Professionals of the Institute INCLIVA.