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Waste and subproducts recovery: New materials with a high added value

Waste and subproducts recovery: New materials with a high added value


The project aims at reaching the recovery of agricultural and industrial waste in order to obtain new carbonaceous materials with a high added value. Currently, the lines for the valuation of agricultural or agro-industrial wastes are the traditional ones, such as composting or direct application on the field, which means a loss of value but a great potential for recovery. As an alternative to these uses and to the energy conversion ones, new proposals for recovery are planned, such as the obtainment of new materials based on the recovery of wastes and subproducts.

In the last few years, carbonaceous materials have generated a great interest because of carbon considerable versatility and its various combinations, which give it specific properties and make of it an interesting material for many applications.


Among the aims of this project, one is the valuation of wastes and the formulation of new materials obtained from specific procedures. These aims lead to the reduction of the amount of wastes, of their management costs and of new materials cost of production, as well as to the minimization of raw materials consumption.


The results of the project are:

  • Setting of specifications of carbons depending on the final application.
  • Indication of the modifications of obtained carbons.
  • Protocol for the concrete application of a carbonaceous material obtained from waste.
  • Database of final user companies of a series of sectors.
  • Expansion of the market research, including opportunities regarding waste with an added value.