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More than 70 companies of the energy sector participated in the workshop on R&D regional funding organized by ITE

• During the meeting, companies made interviews with IVECE representatives to present their project proposals and to find synergies and funding opportunities

Yesterday, more than 70 companies linked with the energy sector participated in the workshop “Energy and R&D regional funding sources”, organized by the Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía (ITE).

During the meeting, companies made approx. 25 interviews with the representatives of IVACE Energía and IVACE Innovación to present their project proposals, clarify doubts and find synergies.

IVACE presented the main points of its business R+D+I Plan for 2016, insisting on the recovery of non-refundable funding to promote R+D+I, which can reach in this call up to 55% of the amount of the aid depending on the programme. Moreover, aid intensity will be reinforced according to the cooperation with research bodies, such as Technology Institutes, the company size and the high qualified personnel employment.

This year, the initial budget in 20,3 million Euros and the objective is to duplicate the number of beneficiary companies compared with the previous years. All the calls will be co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and will monitor the complementarity with other European and national initiative, like CDTI.

The axes of IVACE aids call are small and medium-sized enterprises, cooperative and individual R&D, innovation, actions under the H2020 programme, cooperation between agents of the Valencian Innovation System, the modernization of traditional SMEs, sustainability and industries 4.0. Large enterprise will also have a place in this call if it walks hand in hand with an SME.

IVACE Energía aids

To promote clean energy use and energy savings in our country, the regional Ministry of sustainable economy, through IVACE Energía, counts on a promoting programme for energy efficiency in industry, building and a promoting programme for renewable energies. These programmes have a 5,1 million Euros Budget for 2016.

The period to apply for IVACE Energía economic aids for energy savings and efficiency started last January 28 and will end on March 10. The budget amounts to 3,5 million Euros, a part of which, 2,15 million Euros, will be used to support energy savings projects in industry.

The aim of this programme is to facilitate the incorporation of measures that result in the reduction of the energy consumption and of the energy bill, for example by the replacement of energy-consuming equipment and installations by others that use high efficiency technologies.

It will be also supported economically the improvement of the equipments performance by installing Variable Frequency Drives in motors or incorporating high energy efficiency in motors and LED systems in commercial buildings, implementing energy management systems, sustainable mobility projects, introducing vehicles with alternative fuels in public transport, etc.

Additionally, it will be launched soon a line of incentives to support investment on systems that use renewable energy such as biomass, solar, small hydro energy, etc., that amounts to 1,6 million Euros.

It is noteworthy that these lines of incentives count on a 50% co-funding of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the 2014-2020 ERDF Operational Programme of the Valencian Community, within the Priority Axis 4 (supporting the shift to a low-carbon economy in all sectors).

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