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Interoperability and Communication Laboratory for Smart Devices, ITP and Smartgrids

Realization of internal or external research and development projects on:

  • Domestic charge manageability
  • Characterization of domestic appliances charge
  • Validation of algorithms of demand management
  • Development of communication with meter and distribution operator based on PRIME specification on PLC
  • Integration of energy production renewable systems
  • Modelling of distributed generation systems
  • Development power electronics products
  • Platform for the development of new energy storage systems
  • Study and characterization of cells and hydrogen generators
  • Dissemination of existent renewable energy technologies
  • Validation and integration tests in the developed devices micro-grids

SMARTGRID – Integrated buildings as active nodes

Advanced Distributed concentrators: Monitoring and Control at remote level of each installation independently or jointly, the permit management decentralized actions.

  • Integration of sectorized consumption of the entire building and all consuming and generating systems that permit it monitoring.
  • Integration of smart meters.
  • Installations control: air conditioning, ventilation, lighting, distributed generation resource and storage systems.

Building Global Manager: Controls the decisions on every installation in order to adjust the energy balance.

  • Applied artificial intelligence and data mining.
  • Prediction of consumption.
  • Automated suggestions for improvements.

Awareness interfaces: Visualization of energy consumption information to encourage users to the best use and good practice of the installations.

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