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Legal metrology Laboratory

Metrology Law establishes the State Metrological Control in order to protect safety, the health the economic interests of consumers and users.
For this reason, legislation requires that all instruments, devices and measurement systems pass the State Metrological Control, to ensure the reliability of the measurement.

Services offered by the laboratory

  • Individual verification of electrical energy meters boxes.
    • The resolution of 18 June 2004 of the Dirección General de Industria e Investigación Aplicada authorizes ITE to be collaborator 09 EC-E-001 for the realization of individual verifications of electricity meters, at the request of any interested party in the measuring point on energy meters of installations located in the Valencian Community.
  • Verification of instrument transformers precision
    • Current transformers
      • Testing according to EN 61869-2:2012
      • Up to 2.000 A
    • Voltage transformers
      • Testing according to EN 61869-3:2011
      • Up to 40 kV

Notified Body and y Metrological Control Body

The Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía is named as Notified Body of active electricity meters (Annex MI-003, of directive 2004/22/CE), and as Metrological Control Body of electricity meters regulated by Order  ITC/3022/2007, according to the following conformity modules:

  • Module B: examen de modelo.
  • Module D: declaration of conformity to model based on quality assurance of the manufacturing process.
  • Module F: declaration of conformity to model based on product verification.

Moreover, ITE is accredited by the Entidad Nacional de Acreditación (ENAC) for realizing the State Metrological Control: Marketing and Commissioning Stage on electricity meters according to ENAC accreditation No. OC-P/214.

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