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Electromagnetic fields

Electromagnetic effects, that are currently produced on environment because of the latest advances in telecommunications networks, electricity grids and industrial and domestic appliances, are leading to an increase in regulation governing possible effects of human exposure to electromagnetic fields.


To provide companies and institutions control mechanisms of electromagnetic fields by diagnosing of the level of compliance with current regulation and European directives.


ITE has an integrated service whose function is the calculation, evaluation and measurement of electromagnetic fields, by proposing shielding solutions, if needed. The most representative services are:

  • Service of Electromagnetic Fields Measurement in human environment from 0Hz to 30 Ghz.
  • Studies of shielding before disturbing sources of electromagnetic fields.
  • Characterization of the attenuation of the electromagnetic field of different materials.
  • Monitoring.
  • Radio spectrum chart.

It is our purpose to offer quality services, a proof of that is the ENAC accreditation, No. 237 / LE554, for the realization of «Measurement in situ of human exposure to electromagnetic fields  (9kHz to 40GHz)» and «Measurement in situ of electrical and magnetic fields at power frequency (50Hz)».

Thus, the obtaining of ENAC accreditation of the laboratory, complies with the IEEE Std 644-1994, the standards for the uniform procedures for the measurement of power frequency electric and magnetic fields from AC power lines.

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